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Few things are more disruptive to a person's normal daily routine and back pain. Located in Arlington, Texas, Dr. Kenyon Godwin and the team at Active Family Wellness Center have the skills, knowledge, and training needed to get patients back on their feet and back to their normal lives.

Back Pain Q & A

What is Spinal Adjustment and How Can it Help Back Pain?

Back pain is one of the most common concerns that bring patients to Active Family Wellness Center. As the primary support structure for the human body, the back plays a vital role in maintaining proper bodily function. Both astoundingly strong yet comprised of delicate components, the human spine is a truly amazing thing. When misaligned, however, back pain presents discomfort and pain that is impossible to ignore. Spinal adjustment is a form of therapy in which trained practitioners manually mobilize the joints of the back. In addition to in office adjustments, therapy is conducted via a combination of FDM, myofascial release, rock tape, spinal decompression and exercise.

How are Spinal Adjustments Done During an Office Visit?

After a comprehensive physical examination is made, spinal adjustment may be recommended as part of a patient’s therapy for back pain. Chiropractors make use of more than 100 different types of spinal adjustment techniques. Some of those techniques make use of force, while others utilize more gentle pressure. The form of spinal adjustment that most people are familiar with involves the application of sudden, controlled force to specific joints within the back. When performed by professional chiropractor, spinal adjustments can be very effective in treating back pain.

What is the Role of FDM in Treating Back Pain?

In combination with other chiropractic techniques, fascial distortion model (FDM) is a powerful tool for improving back pain. Practitioners who are trained in FDM as both diagnostic and treatment tools focus on the body's connective tissues, or fascia. When areas of the fascia are distorted in some way, then the patient experiences pain. In regard to lower back pain, practitioners are able to provide targeted adjustments of the affected areas. One of the benefits of using FDM to treat back pain is that the effects are immediate. That gives both patients and practitioners the satisfaction of knowing that the treatment approach is working, and is yielding the desired results.