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Kenyon Godwin, DC

Chiropractor located in Arlington, TX

Are you suffering from pain? Recovering from surgery? Interested in boosting your immune system? An athlete? A new or expecting mother? Interested in an overall great health experience, or proactively preventing injury?

Massage Q and A

Active Family Wellness Center's Massage Therapists can help you by keeping your body functioning at its best! The health benefits of massage include: improved sleep, reduction or elimination of pain, decreased or elimination of headaches, improved posture, regulated blood flow, increased flexibility and range of motion of muscles and joints, and an immunity boost.

Massage Therapy at Active Family Wellness Center is a key part of the 8 Weeks to Wellness program as well - our therapists work on the areas of your body that are restricted (tight, achy, stiff), and ensure that your body is ready for the other parts of the program. Whether you are beginning your 8 Weeks to Wellness journey or are interested on your own physical goals, our massage therapy program is an incredibly beneficial part of your healthy lifestyle.

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