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Spinal decompression is an innovative, noninvasive and drug-free treatment option for relieving lower back pain. In Arlington, Texas, Dr. Kenyon Godwin is pleased to offer this service to patients at Active Family Wellness Center. Many patients have been able to move beyond back pain and regain full function through spinal decompression therapy.

Spinal Decompression Q & A

What Types of Conditions Can Spinal Decompression Therapy Address?

Spinal decompression is an effective means of treating a number of different conditions that cause neck and back pain. In some cases, patients seek treatment following a surgical procedure that has failed to eliminate persistent back pain. Others are searching for relief from degenerative disc disease, sciatica, or issues related to herniated or bulging discs. Spinal decompression can also be effective in the treatment of facet syndrome, foraminal stenosis, and spondylolisthesis. While this therapeutic approach is not suitable for every patient, many people are able to achieve lasting results from spinal decompression therapy.

How Does Spinal Decompression Therapy Work?

The central focus of this therapeutic approach is to provide gentle stretching along the spine. Stretching is achieved through the use of a special machine that applies the proper amount of pressure during the therapeutic process. Patients are connected to the machine by way of a harness, which facilitates proper positioning of the back. The machine uses very gradual movement to slowly release pressure around the discs of the spine. The machine is equipped with a safety shutoff switch, which gives patients the peace of mind that comes with being able to stop the session immediately should they feel the need to do so. Most sessions last about 20 minutes, and best results are achieved by participating in 12 to 25 sessions over a period of 4 to 6 weeks.

Why is Spinal Decompression Therapy Effective?

Traditional chiropractic approaches, including traction, manual adjustments, and physical therapy are effective for a number of spinal conditions, but they are unable to achieve a state of negative pressure within the spine. Spinal decompression therapy creates light stretching and spinal repositioning, which happens slowly enough to bypass the body’s natural "lockdown" response. When the body locks down as a result of spinal pressure, corrective treatment becomes difficult to accomplish. Spinal decompression is an excellent means of addressing spinal misalignment in the gentle and safe manner.