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Dr. Kenyon Godwin graduated from Parker University in August 2010. Just two months later, he opened Active Family Wellness Center. With his faith to guide him, he created a center for wellness. As time went by and his practice grew, he opened a second location.

There is an Active Family Wellness Center in North Arlington to better serve you. In addition to chiropractic in Arlington TX, the full suite of services available includes massage therapy, spinal decompression, weight loss programs, functional medicine, functional fitness, and rehabilitation.

What We Do in Arlington TX

Our purpose is specific and simple, yet profound. We believe that you deserve to have freedom to pursue your God-given purpose without limitations. Everything we do is designed to help your body heal itself as it was made to do.

Looking at the Bigger Picture

When you become a patient at our chiropractic office, you’re looked at as a unique individual. Dr. Godwin will listen carefully to understand your concerns and needs. You won’t be rushed through your visits or feel like you’re not getting the attention you deserve. We don’t see you as your problem or concentrate only on the area that hurts. Our holistic look at your health will help you stay well in mind and body.

A Dedication to Learning

Dr. Godwin describes himself as a lifelong student. Continuing to learn is a vital part of who he is and ensures that his patients are better served. As he finds out about new developments in health and wellness, he implements them in our office, expanding our offering. Dr. Godwin stays informed on the latest research and attends regular seminars to make sure you get the best possible care.

Guided by his faith, Dr. Godwin knows that God has placed him here to help people. He doesn’t take that lightly and feels excited to wake up in the morning and go to the office.

Help for An Array of Concerns

When you think of chiropractic, neck or back pain likely comes to mind. What we do, however, reaches far beyond that. One of Dr. Godwin’s patient was an expecting mom. Her baby was in the breech position and she was going to be scheduled for a C-section. After receiving care, she gave birth naturally, just three days later.

Another young woman was in a car accident at age 6 and left partially paralyzed from the waist down. By the end of the first month of care, she was experiencing sensation in her legs for the first time in years. After finishing her care plan, she could feel her legs and her feet.

One memorable case was at the VA Hospital. Dr. Godwin met an older veteran who had such severe back pain, he would scream and cry. Nobody could help him, and he was confined to a wheelchair. With a single adjustment, the man sat up, got out of his wheelchair and walked out of the room on his own two feet.

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