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The team at Active Family Wellness Center is here to help you reach your health-related goals. Whether you’re in pain or want to live a healthier lifestyle, we offer the solutions you need. If you’ve been injured, you may have been struggling for some time. Often, an injury can be something that occurred years ago but didn’t heal properly at the time. Or you may be experiencing an acute episode that’s recently gotten so bad that you need attention for it.

If you want to regain your function and get out of pain, we have the rehabilitation options you need. We can address a broad array of different requirements through our rehabilitation care in Arlington TX.

Designing Your Individual Rehabilitation Plan in Arlington TX

When you have rehabilitation through our office, it will be designed to support your precise needs. Your rehabilitation plan will be based on the clinical findings from your examination. Our examination process includes a functional movement assessment, which is essential to understanding your needs. Once determined, your chiropractor will create your customized rehabilitation plan.

What to Expect During Your Rehabilitation Sessions?

The typical rehabilitation plan usually involves 12-24 visits in total. The number of visits you need will depend on your particular condition and current state of health. You might have an appointment for rehabilitation once, twice or three times a week, depending on what will get you the greatest benefit.

Usually, our patients will receive a chiropractic adjustment. Then, you can get started on your rehabilitation exercises. These may include working on:

  • Balance
  • Core strength
  • Flexibility
  • Functional movements
  • Mobility
  • Overall strength and function
  • Posture restoration


If you want to function at your best, your body has to be in the proper alignment. When your spine is misaligned, you can experience a variety of negative effects. An injury can result from a myriad of sources, such as years of improper posture or a sports injury. The result, however, is the same: a change in your body’s ability to function.

Chiropractic focuses on restoring your spinal alignment. During your care, we’ll teach you how to support your wellness by making lifestyle changes such as self-care techniques.

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