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Weight Loss in Arlington

Apple with tape measureAt Active Family Wellness Center, we want to help you live at your optimal levels. Our broad array of services is designed to ensure that you can reach your health-related goals. If you are unhappy with your weight, you are not alone. This serious health concern affects millions of Americans and people all around the world.

Dr. Godwin is proud to assist his patients in achieving and maintaining their optimal weight. As a result, you can experience a greater level of health and an enhanced quality of life.

Our Individualized Programs

Our weight loss programs aren’t like anything else you may have tried before and are more aptly referred to as functional wellness programs. We understand the frustration of having tried different avenues to maintain a healthy weight without success. Our approach gets to the underlying cause of your excessive weight gain, such as pregnancy, lifestyle choices or mental and emotional concerns.

Our program is set apart by several other key differences:

  • Wellness blood panels that consider all aspects of your health
  • A specific nutritional plan
  • All-natural supplements
  • Biweekly weigh-ins and support

Our Peak Lifestyle Program involves taking products from top-of-the-line companies Metagenics and Xymogen. Instead of focusing simply on your weight, we take a functional medicine approach that includes supplements customized to the individual.

Your Detailed Evaluation

Your initial practice member evaluation takes 30-60 minutes. You’ll consult with your doctor about your challenges, what you’ve tried before and how your weight is impacting your life. We will assist you in defining your goals that don’t have to be strictly based on numbers and sizes.

Then, we can develop an action plan. Lab testing and other supplements you need will be ordered. You’ll get a full-body composition analysis, have measurements taken and get your “before” picture that we’ll use to compare to when your program is completed.

At your second visit, we’ll explain the next steps and prepare you for the dietary transitions we recommend. You’ll be walked through the educational resources we provide you with and talk about motivation and success tips.

Your third visit includes reviewing all of your laboratory testing and check-in of your weight and measurements.

Checking In With You

You aren’t left on your own after your initial visits with us. You’ll have bi-weekly visits to check in with us. These coaching visits can be completed in the office, via phone or during a video conference, depending on your preference. We’ll ship your supplements to your home and show you where to access educational materials online. Since much of this program takes place outside of the office, even people from out of town can participate.


How is this program different from anything else available today?

Our health and wellness professionals have helped numerous people not only lose weight but keep those unwanted pounds off. You’ll have a thorough consultation, then receive an all-natural, homeopathic-based weight loss kit. Your kit contains three supplements each taken for 60 days. During that time, patients can lose up to 30 pounds. You’ll have biweekly visits with us to weigh in and take measurements.

Our specific nutrition approach is proven to increase your energy, fat burning and metabolism. It’s also safe for diabetics. The wellness blood panels we take look at your metabolic health, nutritional health, hormone health and heart health, as well as your inflammation markers. With these comprehensive forms of testing, you’ll receive a complete assessment so that we understand your needs.

What is the connection between chiropractic and weight loss?

Within chiropractic, the focus is on correcting any misalignments present in the spine. You may at first think there is no correlation to weight loss. There is more and more research, however, that supports the connection between spinal misalignment and issues related to gaining weight.

Your spinal column is a superhighway that transports sensory data to your brain. If it’s misaligned, communication can’t happen as it should. The signals can become crossed, which may mean you can’t interpret cues of satiation or hunger. These cues are key in gaining or losing weight. Addressing a misalignment, then, can allow your body to recognize when to eat and how much to eat. Knowing these cues will enable you to be at a healthier body weight.

What role does education play in your weight loss program?

A chiropractor takes a holistic approach to your health care. They have a unique understanding of the interactions between your body and all external influences. Dr. Godwin and his support staff are always educating our patients. We want you to live a long, healthy life by improving your habits, diet, exercise and spinal alignment. Our ultimate goal is to maximize your overall wellness, having a positive impact on every aspect of your life.

Attend Our Dinner Presentation

We invite our practice members to a dinner presentation to learn more about us and our approach. You’ll learn about what health truly is and how you can attain it. You’ll gain access to tools you can immediately implement in your life and have the opportunity to partner with us.
Get started with your customized program for weight loss Arlington. Call or email our team now!

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