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New Patients

Woman at front deskActive Family Wellness Center is a warm and welcoming place where you and your loved ones will feel at home. New patients can find the necessary paperwork on our website. We ask that you bring these forms in filled out to save time.



Your First Visit

After showing you around our office, you’ll sit down with Dr. Godwin. Together, you’ll discuss your history, what we do and what you can expect. We want to know all about how your problem is holding you back in life and what your goals are. Then, we’ll do a functional movement assessment to see how your body’s abilities are limited. You’ll be here for about 30 minutes at your initial appointment.

Your Second Visit

When you arrive, you and Dr. Godwin will meet to discuss the results of your examination. You’ll be presented with a detailed custom care plan to get you the best results. All financials will be discussed, and you’ll receive your first chiropractic adjustment.


Your subsequent visits are quicker, taking an average of about 15 minutes. If you have a therapy such as spinal decompression, you may need a bit longer.

Payment Information

It is our policy to try to accept all patients that are serious about their chiropractic care. We attempt to never away people in need of care for financial reasons. By reducing the administrative costs for delivering your care, we can save money and pass that savings on to you. There are many types of insurance that have different types of coverage. We will be happy to verify your benefits when you come into our office.

All costs are explained before we perform any services. We offer interest-free financing and have low monthly payment plans.

Contact our office now to schedule your first appointment!

New Patients | (817) 557-2770