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Kenyon Godwin, D.C.

Dr. Godwin's strength as a chiropractor is his understanding of living life with constant pain and limitations. The Active Family Wellness Center's (AFWC) mission statement is That people should be free to pursue their God-given purpose without limitations!

Dr. Godwin has served thousands since 2010 and helped many avoid spinal surgery. He is passionate about helping families, leaders, athletes, and pregnant women. As one of the few Webster-certified male chiropractors in the metroplex. 93% of all women presenting with a breached baby were able to have a normal vaginal birth!

Originally from Virginia, Dr. Godwin served in the United States Air Force following high school. He received his Bachelor's degree from Wayland Baptist University and his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Parker University. 

In addition to leading our community in health and wellness, Dr. Godwin, the past chairman of the Greater Arlington Chamber of Commerce, lives and volunteers in our local community. He is loved and supported most by his wife and their three daughters.

Dr. Godwin believes health is Mind, Body and Spirit. A deficit in one area will lead to deficits in the others. His perspective on practice is to be the doctor he would want to see. AFWC is committed to customer service and an atmosphere conducive to healing.

Come and experience the finest adjustment in town and see some of the finest people in our community restoring their health.

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