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The team at Active Family Wellness Center will make every effort to ensure you get results. To give our patients the best possible care, we offer a full range of services. We have the natural solutions you need to get better, live free from pain and be at your highest level of health. Our healing options include functional medicine in Arlington TX.

What is Functional Medicine in Arlington TX?

Functional medicine is the process of uncovering the underlying cause of your condition. When we discover what your unique deficiencies are, we can address them naturally without resorting to medications that will only mask your symptoms. We often call what we do “functional wellness,” which is an evolution of functional medicine. It meets the health care needs of today’s modern society.

Instead of getting treatment when you have a disease, functional wellness addresses your whole person. We won’t just focus on the symptoms you’re having. When you participate in functional wellness with us, you’ll receive all the time and attention necessary to understand your history and the lifestyle factors that influence your health. Your functional wellness plan will support your unique expression of health and vitality.

How It Works

Our functional medicine services are comprehensive, covering each area of your lifestyle. We’ll start by doing thorough laboratory testing. When we get your results, we’ll review them and make a customized plan based on what’s right for you. Your plan is centered on your goals and what you would like to achieve through functional medicine.

The subjects we’ll cover with you include:

  • What to eat
  • How to exercise
  • How to manage your stress
  • How much sleep you need
  • The right body composition for you
  • Whether a detoxification plan is right for you
  • Which household products to use or avoid
  • Discovering the underlying cause of dysfunction

Much of what we do is about coaching and mentoring you through the process. We’re here for you each step of the way. You’ll get the support and encouragement you need to make the changes that are necessary in your life. We’ll break down each part into manageable stages so that you’re never overwhelmed.

Functional Medicine: Filling a Gap in Today’s Health Care

Today’s world shows a sharp increase in chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, autoimmune disease and mental illness. The medical system’s approach is acute care. It provides a diagnosis and short-term treatment. It works well for those who require urgent care, such as if you have a broken leg or need to have your appendix taken out. The immediate problem can be addressed by a physician in these cases.

Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t prevent or address more chronic and complex diseases. It doesn’t consider your unique genetic makeup, the exposure to toxins in your environment or other aspects of modern-day life that influence the risk of chronic disease. That’s where functional medicine comes in.

Unlike a physician, providers of functional medicine can address the underlying cause of disease and apply the proper strategy to manage and prevent common illnesses.

How Functional Medicine is Different

If you’re thinking about whether functional medicine or functional wellness is right for you, you want to know what our approach may involve. The hallmarks of our service include the following:

Patient-centered care. We promote your health far beyond the absence of a disease. We’ll listen to you carefully, partnering with you during the discovery process. The treatment we prescribe will be addressed to your particular needs.

An integrative, science-based approach. As a functional medicine practitioner, we look at the complex web of interactions in your history, lifestyle and physiology that lead to illness and disease. Your genetic makeup is looked at as well as your mind, body, spirit and environment that affect your overall function.

Integration of best practices. You’ll get the best of the best in functional medicine, combining Western medical practices with integrative medicine. Our focus is on prevention through making changes to your nutrition, diet and exercise. Lab testing and other diagnostics will tell what’s right for you. We may prescribe botanicals, supplements, detoxification programs, stress management techniques and therapeutic diets.


There are many conditions that respond well to functional medicine. Some of them that we see most often include:

  • Chronic headaches
  • Chronic pain
  • Digestive disorders
  • Low sex drive
  • Obesity
  • Skin disorders
  • Thyroid disorders

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