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Functional Fitness in Arlington

Woman bending legAt Active Family Wellness Center, you have access to a full suite of wellness services. We believe in offering natural care that will help you improve your overall health. There are many solutions available that we can combine for your benefit. One of these is referred to as functional fitness. Unlike heading to the gym yourself, our functional fitness services will take your unique needs and condition into account. We’ll create an individualized plan that achieves your goals.

An Essential Component of a Healthy Lifestyle

There are four aspects of your life that we emphasize: routine chiropractic, massage therapy, proper nutrition and fitness. All are required for a truly healthy lifestyle. We’re pleased to offer structured exercise programs through functional fitness. You’ll find it serves as a fantastic complement to the rest of our offering.

With functional fitness, you can get stronger, improve your performance or reach a goal such as weight gain or weight loss. We’ll work with your individual goals in designing the functional fitness plan that is right for you.

Get to Know Our Certified Personal Trainer

We’re pleased to have Neadria Burnette as our certified personal trainer. As a team member at Active Family Wellness Center, she works closely with your chiropractor to make sure that your functional fitness plan suits your particular needs. As you continue your care and functional fitness routines, your chiropractor will evaluate the effects on your body and make any needed recommendations that Neadria can implement to your plan.

The Conditions That Can Benefit From Functional Fitness

You might be wondering if a functional fitness plan can help you. There are many conditions that respond well to functional fitness, such as

  • Atrophy
  • Core weakness
  • Deconditioned syndrome
  • Difficulty gaining weight
  • Loss of balance/coordination
  • Lower back pain
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Obesity/overweight
  • Poor posture
  • Sarcopenia

If you prefer to have a private setting for personal training or want one-on-one sessions, we can accommodate you. Some people have a certain condition with limitations or need to have their fitness plan coordinated with a physician. Others are inexperienced in resistance training or want to improve their performance in a sport such as golf. We will be happy to assist with these goals. You can also use functional fitness to prepare for boot camp, Pilates or more advanced workouts.

What Your Routine May Involve

Your functional fitness plan will likely involve a combination of exercises. You can do some of them at home but can also take advantage of our weekly personal training sessions or group training sessions. HIIT training and other types of training are available based on the need of our practice members and their individual capabilities.


How will you know what’s best for my functional fitness plan?

Our skilled personal trainers will consider your age, physical limitations, condition and assessment data. We’ll also look at your technical level and motivational level. From this data, we can create the customized workout that’s centered on your goals.

What if I feel that I can’t handle much physical activity?

Don’t worry about your current fitness levels—we have worked with people who are in all stages of health. We understand how to accommodate everyone, even if you have never been to the gym or worked out before. Your level of fitness is always considered in your functional fitness plan.

What happens if my needs change as time goes on?

Your chiropractor will continually work with your personal trainer to ensure we meet your changing needs. They will constantly communicate to make sure that your functional fitness plan is exactly what you need.

How is what you do different from other fitness and training programs?

Many programs that are available today are one-size-fits-all. They aren’t created uniquely for you. Furthermore, they often ignore the importance of movement patterns. If you have faulty movement patterns, you’ll be more prone to injury and compromise your ability to reach your goals. We incorporate these skills in all of our workout plans.

Do you have an on-site gym?

Yes! You won’t have to go elsewhere to complete your functional fitness program. Everything in your plan can be completed at our office.

Can I have a personal training session at your office?

Yes. We have several different types of training available, which you can do one-on-one in our office.

Do you offer group sessions?

Yes. There are group sessions available on-site. If you’d like to work out in a group setting, we offer these gatherings weekly.

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