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Corporate Wellness Q and A

Why is Corporate Wellness Important?

Majority of organizations understand that their biggest asset is their people. Every person's biggest asset is their health. One of the biggest expenses of organizations is health care, not just in health insurance but also missed days and productivity due to poor health. We are here to help change that by educating people on better choices that lead to better health and better productivity. 

What topics do you focus on? 

We have many different topics but our core four are: Wellness 101, Eating well, Moving Well, and Thinking Well. 

What do you charge to come out to our company or organization?

We do not charge at the moment to come share various topics 

Is this only for businesses? 

No, we do many talks at different churches, networking groups, support groups, doctors and other organizations. 

What is the minimum number of people you require? 

Our minimum is 5 

How long are these presentations? 

They are flexible, can vary from 20 minutes to 1 hour, depends on the organization's needs. 

How do I schedule Dr. Godwin to come out to my organization? 

Call the office, 817-557-2770 and ask for Iris, she handles our corporate events. 

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