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Kenyon Godwin, DC

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Functional Fitness Specialist

At Active Family Wellness Center, our state-of-the-art wellness center is equipped with a fitness area. We understand that in addition to routine chiropractic care, massage, proper nutrition, and fitness are essential to a healthy lifestyle. There are numerous documented benefits of exercise and structured exercise compliments our other services.
    1. Dr. Godwin is warm and easy to talk to. He is always smiling!

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    1. "Dr Godwin and his staff are fantastic professionals and truly care about their patients."

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Functional Fitness Q and A

Our skilled, knowledgeable personal trainers take into consideration the patient's age, condition, physical limitation, assessment data, as well as their technical and motivational levels, to create customized workouts to help them achieve their exercise goals. Many fitness and personal training programs today are missing flexibility and mobility solutions. Faulty movement patterns compromise our ability to reach our health goals and make us prone to injury. That's why our trainers are sure to incorporate these skills in their customized workout plans.


Words from our patients

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    "I have been very impressed with his service. Not only for his skills and how amazing I have felt after visiting him but for the person who he shows to be."

    Deyla R.
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    "Dr. Godwin is a true pro. He's helped treat my scoliosis and neck/low back pain. I'm able to workout more effectively and live with less pain/annoyance thanks to him."

    Jesse J.
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